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As a builder, you have many challenges facing you whether building production, custom spec, or fully custom homes.

In addition to your normal day to day management of subs and putting out fires, you need a clear, concise plan upfront so that you can begin work without any delays. You may need architectural drawings, detail drawings, material selections, site visits and project supervision, or ongoing communication with vendors and subcontractors. In other words, you need an interior designer to partner with who can deliver a complete design package, then help you execute it from the architectural phase through completion.

When a homeowner does become involved, they can delay time sensitive decisions by being indecisive and complicating the process. You need an interior designer to guide them through the hundreds of decisions needed for the project to stay on-budget and on-time within your build cycle, to keep your project profitable. 

We can help you with all of this, based on the unique needs of your project, and we can also recommend quality sub-contractors and vendors if those services are needed. 

Our work together goes beyond the individual details of the construction process. What we offer is a partnership, so that you have a member of your team that takes care of all these details.

Design Consultation Services and color finish for new homebuyers; services extended to new construction (custom and production) or remodeling projects for both interior and exterior selections.

  • Custom designed color selection forms specific to builder’s needs

  • Sketches and CAD drawings of design specifics as needed

  • Spec home color selections for custom and production builders

  • Finish Schedule outlining all products and renderings

  • Assistance with setting up specification levels for custom and production builders

  • Model Home Merchandising



We understand the homebuilding process is often overwhelming for homebuyers, we simplify the process with patience and guidance; educating homebuyers on what will best suit their unique lifestyle needs. We take the guess work out of the design process and help the project run efficient and on time.

Our process is straightforward; a qualified and experienced interior designer will meet with your buyer for an initial consultation regarding their home. We work efficiently in order to meet specified deadlines, which means installation dates will be met. Our designers are experienced assisting homebuyers and builders in the decision making process for all interior and exterior finish selections. 

All interior and exterior selections made are input in our custom designed Finish Schedule which includes built-in drawings for special treatments and presented to you once approved and signed by the homebuyer.

Offering a professional interior design consultation service in the sale of each new home will not only add to your marketability, but will allow you to stand out among competitors.  Most importantly, we will work directly with your homebuyer, so you can focus on getting the home built.

LS Interior Design Group offers fixed price packages specified per builder agreement for all building projects, including custom homes, production homes, and renovation. Integrating a Design Consultation Service package in each new home sale further simplifies the process and is virtually effortless.


An LSIDG professional Interior Designer will conduct design meetings to ensure homebuyer satisfaction with each finish selection made and guarantee they are offered the best products for their unique lifestyle needs. We make the process fun and easy, taking the guess work out of design.


We ensure interior and exterior selections will be completed on time and in budget, allowing you to relax and leave the details to us. Our design services enable our builder clients to stand out among competitors and increase marketability and your bottom line.


Design Consultation Services include a full design Finish Schedule including all interior and exterior selections. Homebuyer approved copies will be provided ensuring effortless checks and balances at the time of installation.


Whether you are in the market for model home merchandising, spec home color selections, or our tailor made design consultation services, LS Interior Design Group welcomes the opportunity to be the builder’s ultimate resource.  Our number one goal is to save you time and money and design homes that motivate your buyers to purchase your home and refer friends and family.

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